Studio Locomotive presents

Rocks in My Pockets

Original title: Akmeņi manās kabatās
English title: Rocks in My Pockets
Directed by: Signe Baumane
Screenwriter: Signe Baumane
Cinematographer: Signe Baumane
Animation artist: Signe Baumane
Sound Designers: Anete Vanaga
Composer: Kristian Sensini
Producer: Signe Baumane
Co-Producer: Roberts Vinovskis, Sturgis Warner
Produced by: Rocks In My Pockets LLC, Signe Baumane Studio, Lokomotīve
Country: Latvia, USA link link


Based on true events and life stories, the story of five women from the author’s family, including Signe herself, their struggle with life trials, depression and madness. In this harsh and at the same time ironic film, the history of Latvia intertwines with personal experiences and stories about family secrets, love and marriage.

Distribution details:

Released: 2014
Original format length:  100min 24fps
Audio languages: English, Latvian